Label: Warp
Released: Sept. 27

On his fourth studio album, Danny Brown, the Detroit rapper who once proclaimed himself a “hip-hop fusebox,” sparks and spits through 46 nightmarish minutes of what is, undoubtedly, the best LP of his career. Atrocity Exhibition is a showcase for everything that makes Brown’s voice and approach so singular: his unmistakable squawk, barking ad-libs that provide crucial rhythmic force, his flair for the grotesque and bawdy, an appetite for production that’s unexpected and occasionally hard to love.

“I can rap over two pots scraping each other,” Brown told Beats 1 Radio host Zane Lowe in September. On certain tracks, it seems as though he’s nearly taken up the challenge, backed by dissonant instrumentals that sound something like an exploding kitchen. With help from producers Evian Christ, Alchemist, Petite Noir, Playa Haze, Black Milk, and Paul White (who produced the majority of the album), Browns teases and tugs at hip-hop’s fringes, being as dark, unpredictable, surreal, and, yes, atrocious as he wants to be. —Gus Turner