Album: Alt Therapy
Producers: John Fellner, Ryan Bakalarczyk

Even Issa Rae sees it: Emanuel is an undeniable, world-class talent. But nobody sees it more clearly than the Toronto R&B singer himself. “Worldwide,” with its hazy, spectral ambiance and “shut up I’m manifesting” energy, is Emanuel’s soul-drenched law-of-attraction anthem, on which he attempts to belt his hopes and dreams into existence. “I’m tryna take the damn thing worldwide,” he sings in a tone so impassioned and transfixing the universe can’t help but do a spit-take and pay attention. “If you look back in history, I would equate times like these to times you’d see some of the greatest artists emerging to give the people what they want,” the singer told us when we interviewed him earlier this year. A man with a lofty vision, delivering a soaring tune to match. May he never stop repeating affirmations. —Alex Nino Gheciu