The NBA All-Star Game is one of sport’s best annual events, but let’s be honest—it’s usually not because of the thrilling on-court action.

As cool as it is to see the biggest names in basketball team up for one night only, the magic often tends to fade somewhere right around the third or fourth uncontested alley-oop of the night. Still, that’s not to say that the All-Star Game is completely without its share of memorable momentsespecially in the footwear department.

The area where the All-Star Game truly shines is in its sneakers, and we’re willing to bet that people are more likely to remember Kevin Durant’s “Galaxy” Nike KD 4 in 2012 or MJ’s “Columbia” Jordan XIs from the ’96 game than they are the exact numbers that players put up. The All-Star Game isn’t just a showcase for the NBA’s best ballers, it’s also a platform for sneaker brands to show off their latest designs and tech breakthroughs with the world watching.

Looking back on the last few decades of games, it’s clear that sneakers have always been a focal point. Back in 1988, MJ laced up the “Black/Cement” Air Jordan III for the first time, a pair of kicks that have since earned GOAT status, much like the man himself. Years later, around the mid-2000s, brands began marketing their All-Star sneakers more aggressively, dropping special edition packs and colorways to coincide with the game.

With the 2016 All-Star Game just days away, we’re looking back at the sneakers that have helped define the East vs. West showdown over the years. Before you hit up the comments section asking where your favorite pair is, keep in mind that this list pertains strictly to the game itself, not every event of All-Star Weekend like the Dunk Contest. These are The Best Sneakers in the NBA All-Star Game, Every Year Since 1988. —Riley Jones