Another year, another packed slate of expected albums coming down the pipeline. If last year served as any kind of indication, it's going to be a ceaseless onslaught. The good news, though, is that the quality is going to be high, and there's more than enough to be excited about. 

Artists like Cardi B are in a position to seize the moments they've created for themselves. The wait for a new project from ASAP Rocky and Pusha T, among others, grows longer. Some stars, if they stick to the schedule, are due for a new blockbuster of a project (ahem, Bey and Rih). No one knows what to expect from proven geniuses like Kanye West and Frank Ocean. All of which means there's going to be a lot to pay attention to as the year progresses. 

As always, this list comes with some caveats. Most of these albums don't have release dates, or titles. Some might never happen. These are the ones we expect, are excited about, or are just interesting to speculate about. 

These are Complex's Most Anticipated Albums of 2018.