Day 2 of the sixth annual Camp Flog Gnaw featured plenty of FOMO-inducing performances by everyone from Playboi Carti to Solange to Kid Cudi; however, one of the biggest highlights of the entire weekend was ASAP Rocky’s set.

After performing songs like "Telephone Calls," "Raf," and "Pick It Up," Rocky announced to the crowd that Flacko Jodye season was approaching and "tested" a new track.

He also performed an unreleased track tentatively titled "Wok." Rocky has previously teased the track, which features fashion reference on top of fashion reference. Of course. The song was produced by none other than Metro Boomin

Though Rocky didn’t reveal any more details about the songs, including a release date, the performance of the tracks has generated some buzz on social media. It may be our latest taste of what’s to come in his highly anticipated solo album. Rocky spoke about the project earlier this year, claiming he would deliver something "futuristic" and new.

"This new album is just basically like all my albums: evolved. They've been missing me, they've been waiting for me, they need some new music, they need some new sounds, new waves, new swag, new everything," Rocky told the London Evening Standard. "And who's the man you go to for that? Yours truly. So I'm back, like I never left."

Rocky's third studio album is expected to drop before the year's end.