2018 is Donald Glover's year. He's always been one to watch, usually the most talented man in the room and certainly the most interesting, but this is the year the polymath's talents are all poised to pay off, all at once. He has an Album of the Year Grammy nomination for 2016's Awaken, My Love! coming soon, the second season of his critically adored TV show Atlanta is on its way, and, of course, he's got a Star Wars movie (he's Lando Calrissian) in his back pocket. If anyone's placing bets for when Donald Glover becomes the full-on, A-list celebrity he's always threatened to become, it's going to be this year.

And, the man is constantly, furiously, productive, and it's unlikely work on his music has ceased lately. He's said he only has one more Childish Gambino album in him, our bet is it's coming in 2018. —Brendan Klinkenberg