Sukihana Comes for JT on New Diss Track "Cocaine"

On the surprise drop, Sukihana makes multiple allegations including JT being jealous of fellow City Girls member Yung Miami.

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JT has more issues on her hands than Asian Doll.

On Wednesday, rapper and reality television star Sukihana dropped "Cocaine," a diss track aimed at JT one week after the "Sideways" artist sent vitriol toward her on social media. On "Cocaine," Sukihana alleges that JT uses the titular drug and claims she's jealous of fellow City Girls member Yung Miami. She also alleges that JT's partner Lil Uzi Vert thinks she's transgender.

On the track, Suki raps:

"Ol' thieving ass angry beaver-looking motherfucker
You was mad at Ice Spice 'cause your nigga wanna fuck her
Bitch, you ain't no scammer, you was boostin' outta TJ Maxx
Coochie hole so wide, you gotta use your ass
You ain't lyin' when you say you look like a trans
'Cause your n***a only fuck wit' you because you look like a man"

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Last week, Suki posted a video on Instagram asking if JT was addressing her on the new single "Okay," where she raps, "She ate crab legs, now her whole tooth missin’/Cheap ass veneers, you stay talkin’ shit."

"We all know I did break my teeth on some crab legs. I love crab legs, that’s normal shit," Suki said in the clip below. "I posted it, it’s real shit and I’m living my truth."

"JT, just clear it up ’cause I know you see people tagging me and Cardi. Let us know who you talking about. I just don’t feel like me and you got no shade," she continued.

But Suki's question enraged JT, who attacked her in multiple X posts and on Instagram Live.

Read some of her responses below.

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