Love ain’t blind—it’s all-seeing and all-knowing up here in The Great White North. The songs by Canada’s best rap and R&B artists, new and old, reveal gripping romance, the heartache that is the flipside of harboring well-and-true feelings, and the simple-yet-intoxicating thrill of the chase, in an array of forms. Considering our three greatest musical exports—Drake, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber—all made careers off of penning lyrics about matters of the heart, it’s safe to say our nation knows a thing or two about l’amour and all its discontents.

Young lovebirds, decades-deepened Valentine vets, dance-floor matadors, and once-bitten singles will all find plenty to adore and relate to here. These are the 25 best Canadian hip-hop and R&B love songs.