Fans Are Trying to Connect Old Tweets to Kendrick Lamar's Drake Jabs Like ’Certified Pedophile’ and ‘OV-ho’

Is it a reach? Yes. Are articles still being written about it? Also yes.

Music artist in a leather jacket and bandana at an event
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Music artist in a leather jacket and bandana at an event

They made it a hot line; he made it a hot song. At least, that's what some fans are asserting at this stage in the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef.

As the (possibly) post-beef landscape continues to take shape following Drake and Kendrick’s relentless back-and-forth, some fans have taken up the task of digging up old tweets that include phrases similar to the ones Kendrick used on "Not Like Us."

Multiple tweets consisting of bars Kendrick used in his disses resurface from years ago, almost word for word 🤔🫢 Drake even said “it feel like Twitter ghostwriting your reply”

— King Jared (@certifiedjared) May 9, 2024

Though none of the highlighted posts represent word-for-word overlap, the tweets—at least one which dates back to 2016— have started resurfacing.

As seen above and below, the highlighted tweets include various instances of Drake mockery like "Certified Lover BOY? More like Certified Pedophile" (shared in August 2021), "Drake's favorite chord must be a minor" (shared in September 2021), "If she listen to Drake she a OVHoe" (shared in March 2016), and "What if drake was called the 69 god" (shared in June 2023).

The image shows a tweet criticizing a person by changing the phrase "Certified Lover Boy" to "Certified Pedophile."
Tweet joking about Drake's music, saying his favorite chord might be A minor
User's profile photo with a tweet saying derogatory term about women who listen to Drake
The image shows a tweet by a user named "dj akademiks is a pedophile" suggesting a nickname "the 69 god" for Drake

Those who've been following along since the beef began will note that Drake said it "feels like Twitter ghostwriting your replies" in a non-streaming track he shared to IG to announce his Kendrick diss "Family Matters." Now, it seems a few listeners have enthusiastically latched onto this bar.

While some have been quick to hop aboard the digging-up-old-tweets train, others have met all of this with a heavy (and healthy) degree of skepticism. In short, it's highly unlikely that tweets had anything to do with what Kendrick put into "Not Like Us," or any of his Drake disses.

For one, it's not like these were viral tweets to begin with. Two, they are mostly years old so Kendrick would have had to have them tucked away in a folder somewhere. And three, even if he did pluck them from Twitter, a clever tweet is not the same as a clever song and artists take inspiration from all sorts of places.

Ah yes I’m sure Kendrick was one of those 29 total views

— Joey (@gothamhiphop) May 10, 2024


— Joey (@gothamhiphop) May 10, 2024

The Kendrick steals tweets for lyrics is the most asinine thing Ive seen.

— Sean Boog (@SeanBoog) May 10, 2024

If you believe Kendrick got lyrics from non-viral tweets from nobodies, you are a bird and a goofy. It ain’t even no point in discussing it.

— nat 🪬 (@habibiting) May 10, 2024

Y’all saying Kendrick searched for specific lyrics on here, lyrics he would have to know to search for or that he was following random ass accounts and swiped the tweets from years ago? Let’s think it through

— Tune, MBA, CISSP (@CartuneNetwerk) May 10, 2024

Regardless, Kendrick previously declared that his issues with Drake were so commonplace that everyday people, as well as Kendrick, have taken issue with him. On the six-minute "euphoria," released in April, Kendrick raps:

I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk
I hate the way that you dress
I hate the way that you sneak diss, if I catch flight, it's gon' be direct
We hate the bitches you fuck, 'cause they confuse themselves with real women
And notice, I said we, it's not just me, I'm what the culture feelin'

Kendrick might have been right about that last line because the general consensus has been that Drake, who last popped up with a cryptic A Man in Full clip, lost the beef.

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