Canada-born rapper Navraj Goraya, better known as Nav, was born in Toronto to Indian Punjabi parents. In the third grade, Nav was first introduced to music when his mother bought him his own boombox, a move that would later spark interest in becoming a rapper. He amassed success as a beatmaker and producer on SoundCloud, beginning his career with credits on the track “Back to Back,” Drake’s diss to Meek Mill. From there, Nav began producing for myriad artists, including Travis Scott on the song, “Biebs in the Trap.” Soon after, Nav was scooped up by the Weeknd and signed to the XO label and Republic Records. Following the release of his solo mixtape Nav in 2017, he collaborated with Metro Boomin for Perfect Timing, a tape that boasted verses from Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, and Lil Uzi Vert. Since then, Nav has released announced his “retirement" and released two projects, the Brown Boy EP and his second studio album, Bad Habits. After the release of his album, Nav was subject to yet another meme— this one a parody of his interview with Pitchfork where he’s allergic to pretzels. Luckily for Nav, he has a great sense of humor. 


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