Label: Brainfeeder

The Underachievers emerged out of the Beast Coast collective in 2013 with their debut offering Indigoism, a rousing 17-song project that captures the ideals of two dudes straight out Flatbush, Brooklyn. Like close associates Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era, AK and Issa Gold deliver their rhymes with a raw aesthetic that caters to their hometown. However, they don't hang their hat on throwback boom bap and golden era discourse as much as they lean into the future. For the better part of Indigoism, The Underachievers explore themes of spirituality told through a prism of psychedelic drugs.

Songs like "6th Sense" and "Gold Soul Theory" delve into the group's daily practice of opening up their "third eye," which in turn allows them to creep into creative spaces they wouldn't otherwise be able to access. Sounds a little hippie-dippy, sure, but they pull it off with aplomb. But just listen to "T.A.D.E.D." or "My Prism"—high-level seminars on self knowledge. Who knows? You might even discover your own pineal gland. —Edwin Ortiz