The Fader recently spoke by phone with Gucci Mane, and had a pretty in-depth discussion with the rapper. He spoke at length about his recording situation in Atlanta, his legal troubles, and being a role model. It is an interesting interview. A few highlights:

On his trouble with the law:

I take responsibility for the times I was arrested and the things that I did. Me being 33 now, I look back on those times and I wish that a lot of things I didn’t do. I wish I could have back because I see how much I influence people. People wanna follow in my footsteps and I wish that I can now do more positive things, and that back then I’d done more positive things. I value my core fans I got from the hood. I think a lot of things might hit home with them, like problems with the law or how I talk about partying—all the different topics I cover when I do rap.

On whether he and Waka will be friends in the future:

I hope so. This isn’t the first time that me and Waka been at odds with each other. We always work it out. This is like the sixth or seventh time. I don’t see no difference between this and the last one.

On the talented Young Thug:

Thug is one of the most talented rappers I ever met. I chased down that boy down and told him like, You’re one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked. He’s got a distinctive way of how he changes his voice up. You can hear a verse and then the chorus and you’ll think it’s two different artists, but it’ll be Thug on the same song. He’ll feature on somebody else’s song and do a hook, and it’ll sound like he’s a Jamaican. He’ll do another song and he’ll flip the whole style again and go fast. I like the way he records and the way he approaches his verses. He works hard and he’s different.

On whether or not he tweeted at Amanda Bynes:

Hell naw! Somebody done hacked my damn Twitter like three or four times. I don’t got no opinion on Amanda Bynes cause I don’t know her and never had heard of her. I don’t know what she did or what she didn’t do, but I didn’t tweet her. They say my Twitter was hacked. Somebody has tweeted Mac Miller off my Twitter, Soulja Boy, and even Miley Cyrus. They just have hacked into my Twitter, they do it a lot of time, ain’t nothing I can do. I changed my password and they just go hard and get in it. They always just tweet celebrities on some groupie stuff. It’s unfortunate.

On whether he ever dated Selena Gomez:

I don’t know why they made such a crazy cruel rumor. Cause I think she was dating Justin Bieber at the time. Really I don’t have no idea what was going on with Selena Gomez cause I only know her briefly from doing the Spring Breakers movie, and from what I know of her she’s a nice young lady. I don’t know her personally, I never dated her. I wish her the best, she’s a talented actor and a nice girl, but she and I never dated.

[Via The Fader]