With R.A.P. Music almost a year behind him, Killer Mike has some big plans in the works. The ATLien recently told XXL that he has a whopping three new albums on the way: two sequels and one entirely new effort. First, Mike talked about the next edition of his ongoing “Pledge” series, I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind IV, saying,

“[Pledge IV] is gonna be what Pledge is – motivation music. Anybody who’s listened to Pledge knows that. I’m motivated to lose a little weight, so hopefully I’ll be smaller when Pledge IV comes out. The Pledge series has always been about setting goals; it’s been about dope music, but they’ve become almost like research papers with thesis statements. When started PL3DGE with ‘So Glorious’ – you know, ‘My story is so glorious/Fat fly boy, young Notorious’ – it was just my whole description of what I had been through, and Pledge II started with this speech that people love…and Pledge I was about leaving Purple Ribbon and leaving a major label and becoming this new thing on my own, so Pledge has always been about defining who I am at that moment and where me and my supporters can go together…Pledge IV is gonna be more of that over bigger, deffer beats. Harry Fraud is gonna be on that, El-P is gonna be on that.”

There’s also a sequel to 2012’s R.A.P. Music coming soon, apparently. To get ready for R.A.P. Music II, he says, “me and [El-P] are gonna do shrooms, smoke weed and go back in a do it again.

Finally, Mike touched on a non-sequel, an album entitled The Elegant Elephant. As he explains,

““For The Elegant Elephant, that is my Moby Dick. I’m the captain of a ship on a fuckin’ boat chasing that whale. I’m supposed to evolve into whatever The Elegant Elephant is going to be, and I can’t honestly tell you the sound, except for it’s going to be musical and it’s going to be big and it’s gonna be soulful…[but] I’ll definitely have R.A.P. Music II and Pledge IV finished and ready for 2014.”

Look out for I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind IV, R.A.P. Music II and The Elegant Elephant and grab R.A.P. Music on Williams Street in the meantime.

[via HipHopNMore