Label: Capitol

Night Time, My Time is a triumph. Not because Sky Ferreira was four years in the game with no debut full-length to show until last October, but because it's a product of refusing to hear her label say "no." She took her own money to make one of the best pop albums of the year in three weeks.

Her incendiary "Nobody Asked (If I Was Okay)" is a breakup song with undertones of hurt that stem from something deeper than just a failed relationship. The theme bleeds into its follow-up, "I Blame Myself," where she sings about how her very real childhood demons skew her public perception.

When she's not bearing raw emotions in her lyrics, she let's the noise do the work. There's "Kristine," with its churning riffs and the feedback-laden "Heavy Metal Heart" and, loudest of all, "Omanko," a tribute to the '70s no-wave icons Suicide and her, um, self. (The song's title is Japanese for "pussy.") The sonic fuzz may be a turn off to some, but Ferreira made the most cohesive pop record of the year and that's a victory for everyone. —Claire Lobenfeld