Label: IAMSOUND, Asylum, Atlantic

True Romance would like you to think of it as messy and tangled, a bleary-eyed expression of emotional tumult. It would like you to think it's a piece of work not quite in control of itself. Its washed-out, frenetic production, its broad, Internet-y tangle of influences, its pointed lyrics with their aura of over sharing—all of these give the impression of a distracted, disoriented work. But they do it in the same way a magazine might design a fashion spread placed in a trashed hotel room.

True Romance may seem chaotic, but it's a laser-focused piece of grinding synthpop with a digital art coating and a deeply real emotional core. On "What I Like" she nails the feeling of being swept up by infatuation, on the playful "You (Ha Ha Ha)" she delivers the perfect kiss-off to a relationship. This is pop as it should be—smart, fun, intimate, acerbic, ultimately big-hearted. It's easy to dance to, but it suggests a dance party with just three or four people acting stupid in a living room or singing along in a car. It's supposed to look messy—that's what being human is like. —Kyle Kramer