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You know you’ve undergone an effective style reinvention when your new haircut outshines the panther riding shotgun in your McLaren. When The Weeknd released his video for “Starboy” in September, it served not only as the first taste of his new album of the same name, but also the first time that we got to see the Canadian singer’s new look in action, as he cruised down the freeway alongside his feline friend sans his signature towering hair. The Weeknd’s transformation extended to his clothes, too, although there the change was more subtle. He still sticks to an all-black-everything palette, but the names on the labels have been given an upgrade: Valentino, Saint Laurent, Dior, Gucci. Throw in emerging brands like LongJourney and Amiri and a Puma deal, and—yes, I’m going to say it: Abel, you’re a motherfucking starboy. —Steve Dool