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Worrying about what to wear in the morning seems to be an unlikely concern for Donald Glover. Glover is the kind of Renaissance Man whose time in the limelight is often spent discussing the projects that he undertakes rather than the outfits he puts on. Most would say this is a blessing for any multi-hyphenate creative who wants to be taken seriously in all of their many pursuits. Less time for fashion and frivolity simply means more time for making headway on that forthcoming album, your critically acclaimed primetime cable show, that blockbuster Star Wars film you were just cast in, or whatever other creative pursuits you entreat that day.

Donald Glover
Image via Frederick M. Brown / Getty

Glover’s look is one that racks up slight mentions on most fashion sites. His natty take on red carpets suiting receives the standard editorial consideration, right alongside his nostalgic affection for trucker hats. Rather, Glover’s personal style is, quite fittingly, a hot take topic on the communal underbelly of the internet. A simple Google search for “Donald Glover Style” will likely lead you down the rabbit holes of Reddit, that open repository of ardent, fanatical love and, alternately, abhorrent, vitriolic hate. Close to the loving, reverential side of the spectrum is the discussion of Glover’s latest looks.

Donald Glover
Image via David Crotty / Getty

Devoted style disciples confer on the very rare status and the exact hue of his signature Nike Cortez sneakers—an “off-white” according to Reddit user Justlimberlake. “This particular model is a collab between Nike & J.Crew back in 2012," he explained in great detail. "Only luck to get them is through eBay. However, I got a Nylon Nike Cortez from ABC Mart in Tokyo, Japan in white/navy. It's really similar but this collab is more of an off-white.”  And the truly committed populate Tumblrs with shot after shot of Glover’s preferred look of vintage Hawaiian shirts, upper-thigh grazing shorts, and nondescript graphic T-shirts.

Donald Glover
Glover's Nike Cortez sneakers, as photographed backstage at the 2014 iHeartRadio Festival / Image via Jason Kempin / Getty

To hear him tell it, Glover’s style ethos was probably best summed up in his 2014 Complex cover story, during which he spoke of honesty on social media.  “You have to be real with yourself,” he said. “No one is doing that. People are too concerned with making everything look nice and calm and pretty.” Glover has shown himself to be a bona fide celebrity who cherishes the reality of being regular. He frequently repeats outfits in his own wardrobe, from his scuffed Cortez sneakers to his French sailor shirts. And for those who have been watching closely, his Atlanta character “Earn” has done the same with his “Keep On Keepin On” t-shirt, which has naturally spawned it’s own Reddit thread, as well.

Donald Glover
Image via Josiah Kamau / Getty

Glover’s understated looks can easily be confused as an anti-fashion statement. Maybe that’s the most important statement of them all. While he may not be your cup of tea, to a specific sect of the internet, he’s their shot of Hennessey White: A low-key style hero for the guy who’s searching for the perfect worn-in, double-breasted shearling coat to silently stunt in this winter, every single day. And when each piece in your closet is as carefully considered as Glover’s (or his Reddit fans), why would you want to wear anything else?

Donald Glover
Image via Jason LaVeris / Getty

Wardrobe staples have long been a pillar of the menswear world; the selection of “elevated basics” that can carry any dude through the fickle seasonal twists and turns of high fashion. Just this week, Glover visited Ellen to promote Atlanta and discuss his role as a young Lando Calrissian. He was wearing a black tee and blue jeans. The low-key style credo is one that Glover is sticking to even as he navigates the dizzying heights of Hollywood. Keep it simple, make sure the quality is legit, and wear it everyday, if you damn well please. It seems to be working out for Glover just fine.