The Weeknd shared the cover art for his upcoming album Starboy on Wednesday, sporting a leather jacket, a crucifix, and most surprisingly, a brand new haircut.

It's no secret The Weeknd has etched out his own niche in the style world, with his signature locks becoming synonymous with his career growth over the past few years.

Fans might be shocked at the new change, but anyone paying close attention might've noticed that The Weeknd's hair seemed shorter in his recent VMAN spread. It's hard to be totally sure since he was in a hoodie the whole time, but the cover shot at least showed shorter hair in the front.

The haircut already has fans thinking he will be returning to his musical roots as well. "Does this mean I'm gonna get the old Abel?? The one that blessed me wit Material Girl," one Twitter user wrote. "The Weeknd went back to his old haircut so I hope that means he's going back to his old sound too," wrote another.

Check out what the internet has to say about The Weeknd's new hairstyle below.