Besides the growing alarm around global warming and the gradual but ensured destruction of our planet, learning how to dress for this heat has to be next on our list of concerns, right? Well, you can forget every how-to list promising to save you from the summer heat. You can turn away from street style galleries, and ignore the parade of celebrities who make it all too clear they don’t need to deal with plebeian issues like warm weather. The only summer style shaman you need is Gucci Mane. Ever since the rapper was released from prison in May, he has dressed in a way that can only be described as easy, breezy, beautiful.

Gucci’s made a habit of teaching us lessons across his Instagram and Snapchat; more than telling, Gucci is showing. The rapper’s choice of color, material, and accessories are all worth observing, so whip out that Notes app like you’re Taylor Swift and someone just exposed some damning information about you.

Gucci made his summer style intentions clear right out of the gate. Posing next to his pool on the day of his release, Guwop delivers a message to his fans dressed in an all-white outfit. Gucci, here, is a portrait of summer dressing that will be studied by art historians and swagologists for years to come. The all-white, short-sleeve shirt—is that linen?—has several buttons open for optimal ventilation. Context clues are also important here: Nothing symbolizes summer fun quite like a pool. That’s just a fact. Also, Gucci got a start on his all-white summer ‘fits early, probably because the impending doom of the no white clothes after Labor Day looms ever-present.

If you need more proof that this outfit is a work of art that will hang in the Louvre, look no further.

Gucci’s summer style seems to put a premium on dressing comfortably, and nowhere is that evidenced more than in this balcony (flex) shot. The true scene-stealer here is clearly the self-referential Gucci T-shirt (double flex), but a quick scan of the entire outfit reveals a true menswear no-no that Gucci rises above: thong sandals. Typically, the only place for flip-flops is the beach or the dumpster. However, Gucci doesn’t seem to care, and the premium he puts on relaxation in the age of 100° heat is more than admirable. The only thing we’ll say is that not wearing Gucci flip flops was a huge missed opportunity.

More summer style lessons from this newly-discovered style gawd: Gucci has been trending toward all-light colors like a light blue polo or a cotton candy pink sweater that deserves a spot next to Cam’ron’s coat in the pantheon of legendary pink moments.

He knows what materials will let you breathe in the heat and humidity. What appears to be graphic silk shirts and scarves are one way to get through the summer stylishly. And when all else fails, going shirtless and putting the summer bod on display is Gucci’s go-to move.

Image via Baby Bells on Twitter

Also, when summer makes it impossible to layer up and show off your style that way, Gucci knows the best problem-solver is accessories. The rapper has been dressing up simple outfits with tons of jewelry: chains, watches, way-out-there glasses.

At the same time, he’s proof that you can really never go wrong with just a classic white tee.

Image via Dexdigi on Twitter

Really, though, it’s hard to go wrong in general when you’re Gucci and you can wear everything with such confidence. Guys should always adhere to the axiom that if you look good, you feel good, and Gucci Mane appears to have heeded that advice closely. So despite the fact that Everybody Looking, he’s Gucci all summer long. And you should probably try to be, too.