Slumped on a red leather couch in his modern, cabin-like home in Pepper Pike, an affluent suburb of Cleveland, Iman Shumpert is wearing biker jeans, brown combat boots, an olive green beanie, and a distressed Guns N’ Roses T-shirt. It’s kind of over the top for a random November afternoon, but that’s the point.

“You should dress so that somebody remembers you,” says Shumpert. “The first time you meet me, it’s gon’ make you feel a way. Either you gon’ be like, ‘Why are you wearing that?’ or ‘That’s raw. I like his energy.’ I want you to have a story when you meet me.”

The Cavs shooting guard and, after his team overcame a 3-1 deficit against the Warriors, NBA champion stands at six feet five inches, with broad shoulders and a wingspan that’s four inches longer than his height. His body frame isn’t exactly made for most clothing, but his style is definitely an attention-grabber. This September, he and his wife Teyana Taylor, the singer/toned star of Kanye West’s “Fade” music video were all over New York Fashion Week. Though Shumpert insists the event was mostly about Taylor, his outfits were the topic of many conversations. He wore a crop top, a Hood By Air trench with no shirt underneath, and a black kilt over black pants. Vogue crowned him “New York Fashion Week’s biggest risk-taker.”

Shumpert, 26, has always been interested in fashion. Growing up in Oak Park, Illinois, he often only had six or seven outfits. “I was always growing, so it made no sense for my mom and dad to load me up with a bunch of clothes,” he says. “But I hated coming to school and feeling like a girl could be like, ‘Iman’s probably gon’ wear this today.’ So I would always have to mix and match and find a way to look different. I took a lot of pride in that.”

Not much has changed: Shumpert is still different, both in his style and otherwise. Shumpert sat down with Complex to discuss why he loves crop tops, refuses to hire a stylist, almost named a clothing line after Gucci Mane, and won’t visit a Trump White House.