Album: Invasion of Privacy
Producer: Ayo n Keyz, Nes

Let's keep it a buck: Cardi B took a song that was sliding toward misogyny and turned it into a feminist anthem. The original, Project Pat, La Chat, and Three 6 Mafia's "Chickenhead," is flipped perfectly. The beat itself is faithful to the first, with slight variations that make it sound like 2018 while still invoking the feel of the early '00s. It sounds like the song Cardi's been waiting her whole career to make, and she swan dived right into the depths of pearl-clutching crassness that we've come to love her for. (Half the song is dedicated to advice about pussy popping.) Above all else, "Bickenhead" is a reminder to women everywhere that there's nothing wrong with alternating being a bird with being about your paper. It's called multitasking. —Kiana Fitzgerald