Label: PMR, Island

Looking at where dance music went in 2013, EDM fans might point to producers like Avicii, Zedd, and Martin Garrix for the success they had throwing EDM into the mainstream. And they wouldn't be wrong. But if you want to get an idea of where proper dance music should be going, you need to truly study Disclosure's debut album, Settle. These two brothers shot up quickly in 2012 with huge singles like "Latch," and kicked off 2013 with a determination to infuse pop sensibilities and undeniably danceable grooves that look back toward the house and garage days that they didn't live through. And it worked.

"White Noise," their early 2013 single with AlunaGeorge, made a beeline to the top of the UK charts, and showed that you could have a massive dance hit go pop without going corny. Throughout Settle, the brothers maintain that same line; "When A Fire Starts to Burn" is catchy as fuck, showcasing the ear these two have for throwback sounds and unique sample sources. Vocalists like Eliza Doolittle, Sasha Keable, and Jessie Ware were perfect choices, allowing these decadent tracks to open up with perfectly-executed performances.

Disclosure had big expectations to fulfill in 2013. Damn if they didn't exceed them. —khal