Breaking Down Drake’s “The Heart Part 6”

Drake responds to a lot of Kendrick’s claims (and takes some shots of his own) on “The Heart Part 6.” Here’s a full breakdown.

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Another day, another diss track. Drake takes aim at Kendrick Lamar on “The Heart Part 6,” which comes a day after Dot’s “Not Like Us” set the streets on fire on Saturday. The song addresses many of the allegations Kendrick has made against him across all of his diss tracks, including accusations of Drake liking underaged girls, being a snitch, and having an 11-year-old daughter that no one knew about.


“The Heart Part 6” samples Aretha Franklin’s “Prove It,” which is Drake’s way of asking for proof of his crimes on the track, and the title borrows Kendrick’s longrunning “The Heart” series. Similar to how Dot ripped Drake’s timestamp song title for “6:16 in LA,” The Boy makes the sixth installment of “The Heart” his own, which also plays into his own nickname of the 6 God. The cover art also connects to a bar on the track where Drake highlights how Dave Free left a heart emoji under a picture of Kendrick’s partner Whitney and their children.

Drake says this battle “was some good exercise” on the outro, which might imply that this will be his last response to Dot. Whether it is or it isn’t, shit has already taken a very dark turn, full of heavy accusations on both sides, and there’s no going back. Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the allegations Drake responds to and accusations he doubles down on with “The Heart Part 6.”

Allegations of being a snitch

Allegations about his relationship with underaged women

Claims about having a daughter

Accusations of domestic abuse against Kendrick Lamar

Accusations about Kendrick and Dave Free

The outro

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