Bad Bunny Fans Get Into Brawl During Dallas Concert

Fans of the Puerto Rican rapper were caught on video throwing blows and pulling each other's hair during his Most Wanted Tour stop in Dallas, Texas.

Bad Bunny on stage singing into microphone, wearing a blazer and cap, with a bow tie and chain
Stephen J. Cohen / Getty Images
Bad Bunny on stage singing into microphone, wearing a blazer and cap, with a bow tie and chain

Fists went flying at Bad Bunny’s concert over the weekend.

A video circulating on social media shows a group of women engaged in an all-out brawl at the 30-year-old rapper’s Most Wanted Tour in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, according to TMZ.

The footage shows at least two different pairs of women throwing blows and pulling hair, while a group of men try to pull them away from each other.

Chicks beating the hell out of each other for a second time at the Bad Bunny concert in Dallas

— Dallas Texas TV (@DallasTexasTV) May 5, 2024
Twitter: @DallasTexasTV

The Puerto Rican rapper was oblivious to the situation considering the distance between the stage and where the fight broke out. He carried on with the show performing his hit single, “Me Porto Bonito.”

It’s not clear if there were any arrests made or if any of the women’s injuries required medical attention.

Considering how fans complained last year about Bad Bunny’s steep tour prices, it’s confusing how everyone can’t just get along in their very expensive seats and focus on having a good time.

The otherwise successful tour hasn’t gone without some controversy. The rapper sued a fan named in March for posting full-length concert footage to his YouTube channel and claimed that his uploads took views and ad revenue away from his official page.

Bad Bunny’s Most Wanted Tour will visit New Orleans on Tuesday and visit other major cities including Nashville, Atlanta, and Orlando before wrapping up on May 26 in Miami, Florida.

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