The Best Signature Basketball Sneakers Right Now

Ahead of the 2024 NBA Playoffs, we ranked the best signature basketball sneakers right now.

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Another NBA season is in the books and now it’s time for the best teams to gear up for the postseason. Ahead of the 2024 NBA Playoffs, everyone is talking about what teams could make a run this year or which player will finally prove that they can show up when it matters most. We’re here to answer another very important question: Who has the best signature sneaker in basketball? 

Veterans like LeBron James and Kevin Durant are still lacing up some of the best sneakers on the court every night. There are also plenty of first-timers on the list this year like Anthony Edwards and Devin Booker. And we would have been remiss not to mention Sabrina Ionescu’s Nike Sabrina 1. So, we expanded the pool beyond NBA signature shoes for this ranking. 

Just to clarify how we came up with our top 10, we took into account factors like design, on-court moments, the player’s current star power, and storytelling. Yes, these are performance sneakers at the end of the day. But we’d be lying to you if we said we’ve logged enough runs at our local gyms to give an honest, thorough performance breakdown for each of these 10 sneakers. We’re sure most of them excel in that department as well. This guy can certainly help you decide what pair is best for the court. That just isn’t what we’re here for, respectfully. 

10. Jordan Luka 2

9. Adidas Harden Vol. 8

8. Nike Book 1

7. Nike KD 17

6. Nike Ja 1

5. Anta Kai 1

4. Puma MB.03

3. Nike Sabrina 1

2. Nike LeBron 21

1. Adidas AE 1

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