Album: N/A
Producer: Quintin Gulledge, DJ Mustard, and CJ Knowles

One of the most bizarre disputes in music this year involved “Trip,” Ella Mai’s follow-up single to “Boo'd Up.” Jacquees, who is known to flip an original from time to time, hit the studio for an Ella-approved Quemix (“She put all the fire [emojis] up under the shit,” he told The Breakfast Club), only to have it scrubbed from the internet after 10 Summers label head and producer DJ Mustard sent a cease-and-desist. Mustard says Jacquees was trying to monetize the remix; Jacquees claims he wasn’t. What’s clear as day, though, is how great “Trip” is. Ella floats over the smooth, piano-driven beat with finesse, and Jacquees brings new life to it with his own take. Whether it’s Ella Mai or Jacquees’ version, “Trip” made its mark in 2018. Don’t be surprised if one of these artists is holding the R&B crown in a few years. —Edwin Ortiz