Album: Scorpion
Producer: Cardo, Yung Exclusive, and Boi-1da

There are only a few times a year when the entire Complex office stops dead in its tracks. One of those rare occasions in 2018 that wasn’t Kanye-related came when Drake dropped his “God’s Plan” video. Two by two, staffers started mumbling to each other and pressing play. Before long, the whole floor was watching Drizzy give away money to grateful fans. And the oddest thing happened: What I can only assume was the scent of freshly cut onions from the taco place next door must have come wafting in, because all of a sudden there were a whole lot of moist eyes. “God’s Plan” as a song is great and a worthy No. 1, if a bit heavy on the self-mythologizing. But when you add the Karena Evans-directed video to the mix, it gets even better. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get up from my desk for a second. I just re-watched the video to prepare for writing this, and that onion scent seems to be coming into the office again. —Shawn Setaro