Beyoncé Sent Flowers, Toy to 2-Year-Old ‘Friend’ Tyler After Toddler's Video Went Viral

One of the youngest members of the BeyHive went viral on TikTok last week after asking his mom if he could visit his friend Beyoncé.

Beyoncé smiling, wearing an elegant off-shoulder white dress with sparkling earrings and a necklace
Julian Dakdouk/Parkwood Media / WireImage via Parkwood
Beyoncé smiling, wearing an elegant off-shoulder white dress with sparkling earrings and a necklace

Beyoncé just made her new friend (and his mom’s) day.

Tyler, a 2-year-old fan from the Philippines, went viral last week in an adorable video where he called the Cowboy Carter singer, 42, his friend.

In the TikTok uploaded by his mother Bea Fabregas, Tyler asks where Beyoncé is and if he can visit her. His mom laments that visiting the 32-time Grammy-winning singer isn’t possible because she doesn’t know her personally and that she’s “not her friend.”


Tyler this whole video: Hina naman ni mama hindi kilala si Beyonce 🤨 #fyp #momsoftiktok

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“She’s our friend,” Tyler politely insisted, while dodging a slice of pizza inside of a food court. “Beyoncé is my friend … I want to meet her.”

Over 11 million views later and countless tags from the BeyHive to get the attention of Parkwood Entertainment and Beyoncé’s associates, the video eventually caught the attention of the music icon. 

In an update shared by Fabregas on Instagram Wednesday, she revealed that she received a DM from Beyoncé’s publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, who reached out on behalf of the singer to send a gift: a bouquet of blue roses and a dinosaur plushie for her new friend. 

“For the record @beyonce and Tyler are now actually, officially friends!” wrote Fabregas on IG. “Through the power of Queen B’s internet (millions of views and likes it’s crazy!) she saw the video and sent over some of her favorite blue flowers, a new animal best friend for Tyler and the sweetest message that our family will now always treasure.”

“In her note (which she started out with ‘To my friend Tyler’ ) she said, ‘I see your halo, Tyler,’” she added. “Thank you so much for thinking of our little family @yvettenoelschure @beyonce 🥹 I mean with the amount of mentions and videos Beyonce gets everyday, it still blows our mind to know time was set aside to send this sweet gift over.”

She continued, “My mama heart😭 Thank you to everyone who shared it, commented, liked it. Tyler maybe (sic) too young to remember all this, but i’ll always remind him to dream big and shoot for the stars!! BEYONCE SENT MY BABY FLOWERS!!!!”

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