“A lot of girls be thinking my songs are about them,” Drake, Canada’s most popular rapper and most successful international export, crooned with feeling on “Best I Ever Had,” his breakthrough debut single. “This is not to get confused: this one’s for you.” Whether you take that as sincere sentiment or ironic Don Juan punchline, it’s clear that Drake, in common with a lot of Canadian rappers, is something of an incorrigible romantic—a die-hard Casanova whose catalogue is full of tender ballads, heartfelt homages, and affectionate odes to inamoratas old and new. With so much romance throughout Canadian hip-hop and R&B, there’s certainly no shortage of song about matters of the heart. From the best of the country’s up-and-comers to bona fide Can-rap classics, these are our picks for the 14 best Canadian love jams. 

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