Album: Oxymoron 
Label: Top Dawg Entertainment, Interscope Records
Producer: Gwen Bunn & T.H.C

It's so funny hearing ScHoolboy Q and Kendrick on record together. And to imagine the scene in the studio. Teetotaling Kendrick, so precise in his rhymes that you picture his soft, high-pitched voice balancing on its toes when it walks on a tightrope. And then ScHoolboy's gruffer, far looser vocals emerge from a dusty cloud of smoke—like Pigpen from The Peanuts. "Kush be my fragrance," he says. "Me love marijuana..."

Oh wait no! You know what its like? It's like the Odd Couple. Kendrick is the neatnik Felix Unger to ScHoolboy's slovenly Oscar Madison. The studio is like the apartment they shared on the show—can't you just see Kendrick following a stumbling ScHoolboy around, trying to hold an ashtray under his blunt. (I really think I'm onto something here.) Anyway, they both handle the throbbing, bouncy beat that producers THC and Gwen Bun made for them with aplomb, proving why the TDE formula works so well. —Dave Bry