It’s cool that we’re even at a point where we get to do this.

Instead of just counting on one hand how many Canadians are in the NBA like we did until just a few years ago, we can actually have a meaningful conversation about the 22 players from the north who were involved in the NBA this 2020-21 season. (And yes, Chris Boucher counts even if he’s officially listed as from St. Lucia. So do Nate Darling and Karim Mane, who are on two-way contracts.) That’s the most of any country outside the U.S. And it’s good news for Team Canada as it looks to book its ticket to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, starting with the qualifying tournament happening in Victoria this June.

In this case, we are specifically focusing on who the top 15 Canadians are right now, but every Canadian baller from the past, present, and future deserves a shout-out for their efforts to help grow the game to this point.

Without further ado, here are the best Canadian NBA players we’ve seen this 2020-21 season.