Label: Ironworks Records
Released: May 7

What can be said about Ka that hasn’t already been said about other gods of rap? The Brooklyn firefighter, who moonlights as one of rap’s greatest hidden gems, prefers to operate under the radar, dropping music whenever he sees fit. His projects almost always have themes, executed through the use of various samples of media, whether that be old records, tv shows, or movies. Descendants of Cain is no different, except this album has a much darker feel than his previous work. There’s jewels abound as Ka’s underrated lyricism hovers over his bleak production like a dark cloud ready to replenish the earth it spills onto. It’s always the quietest before the storm, and that’s what Ka’s style reminds you of. Once you’re done consuming Cain, you feel refreshed like the smell of rain on a hot day. “It’s hard to say, every sentence is pain/Brothers killing brothers, descendants of Cain/Props if getting knocked, no mentionin’ names/I had to steal, all that time I spent in the flame,” Ka raps on the chorus of “Solitude of Enoch,” as to say the harsh environment in America’s ghettos breeds contempt. Ka’s music is best to be heard at night with headphones on, so you can escape to a place more desolate than ours, and return with more wisdom than you had before. —Angel Diaz