The Game Drops Rick Ross Diss Track "Freeway’s Revenge": 'This Is Where the Wings Stop' (UPDATE)

The new diss follows Rozay's involvement in Drake and Kendrick's historic back-and-forth.

Group of people posing together, one holding a trophy, for an album cover titled 'Freeway's Revenge.'
Group of people posing together, one holding a trophy, for an album cover titled 'Freeway's Revenge.'

UPDATED May 12, 1:15 p.m. ET: The Game has another message for Ross.

On Instagram, The Game wrote that Ross is "scared" to drop that "nursery rhyme" he recorded last night, implying that he had a response for him.

He adds it was a quick win for L.A. after Kendrick Lamar's victory over Drake.

The cereal killer 🦆’n this real smoke. Scared to drop that nursery rhyme you recorded the other night I see lol… Fuck it, a quick W for the home team & some real rap for the fans playlist. Posting very attainable cereal bowls, bottled up dog piss & crouching by cars like that’s gone get you outta this ass whoopin’. IT AINT !!! & for rap fans worldwide… Thing about most these rap n****s y’all idolize is…. they pick & choose who they diss very carefully. End of the day, ALL the n****s in this shit know what I’m capable of especially when it’s time to go bar for bar. The real “Rick Ross” @freewayricky this one was for you big homie 💯

& as for chicken legs: you can’t whoop my ass or out rap me so… post all the cars, n fake watches you want to.. the real fans see through you & that Widebach Music shit !!!

You can’t run from this shit. Shit, you can’t run period… human capri sun pouch body shaped n***a you.

Image of an old photo featuring Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, and others, with a new photo caption by The Game reflecting on their legacy in music

You can now stream "Freeway's Revenge" on Spotify and Apple Music.

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The Game spends nearly five minutes going at Rick Ross on his new track "Freeway's Revenge," the title of which, of course, is a nod to the real-life Freeway Ricky.

Seconds into the track, Game proclaims "I can see the bitch in him" before telling Rozay, "You twelve lemon pepper wings from a heart attack" before suggesting an "Ozempic starter pack." Shortly after, he makes a reference to Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s recent back-and-forth, rapping "This ain’t the Kendrick beef, my Drac' sing songs."

Later, Game makes a urine-based claim against Rozay while also referencing his brief pre-fame stint as a correctional officer. Tucked into the same passage is a nod to Florida-based MMG artist Gunplay, like so:

It's that time of the month, get this pussy somethin' to bleed on
Your baby mama told me that you liked to get peed on
You a C.O., that's the last time you had keys on
And we know you treat Gunplay like he a peon

The end of the first verse sees Game circling back to Freeway Ricky, from whom Ross "stole" his name. On that front, Game also mentions the late Notorious B.I.G.

Under palm trees, we got them choppas that'll eat your flesh
The real Rick Ross know every bird gotta leave the nest
You stole your name, I pulled your file
You looked at B.I.G. and stole his style

A few moments along the way find Game playfully emulating Ross’ signature vocal flourishes. Lyrically speaking, he turns up the heat in the second verse. Ross, Game says, is flaunting a "hand-me-down mansion" lifestyle while concealing alleged health issues.

He gon' tell us he just bought another crib, he livin' well
But he won't tell us about his health condition, he sick as hell
He poppin' pills, they startin' to fuck with his brain
Seizures off the lean, Balenciaga shorts got the shit stains
He's not a mastermind, he Gotti, line after line
Lay back in the Maybach, makin' up shit just to pass the time
He think he Big Meech, free Larry Hoover
Miami a big beach, now watch how I maneuver

The final few lines of "Freeway’s Revenge" include a reference to Rozay’s oft-criticized "U.O.E.N.O." lyrics from 2013, namely "Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it/I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it," that pop up again every few years or so. Last December, for example, 50 Cent brought the lyrics back up amid coverage of the Diddy allegations and related lawsuits. Ross apologized for the lyrics in 2013, telling fans, "I don't condone rape" and later that year calling the line in question "one of my biggest mistakes and regrets."

"Freeway's Revenge" closes with some wordplay nodding to Wingstop, multiple locations of which are owned by Ross, who frequently promotes the chicken wings-focused restaurant chain.

This n***a drug women, that's how your team rock?
And all that money that you rap about gon' get you a mean plot
But in the meantime, I'mma let your fake fiends cop
And I know you're doing your thing, opp
But this is where the wings stop

Shortly before rolling out "Freeway's Revenge," Game shared what appears to be an A.I.-enabled fake photo of Rozay in a police uniform.

Person in police uniform running with a bucket of chicken, in what appears to be a humorous staged photo

As of this writing, Ross hasn't responded to or otherwise addressed Game’s diss track. Back in April, he hopped into Drake and Kendrick's historic beef, ultimately releasing his "Champagne Moments" diss.

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