Album: Est. in 1989 Pt. 3. 
Label: EarDrummers Entertainment, Interscope Records
Producer: Mike Will Made-It

Miley Cyrus wasn't supposed to be on "23." When Mike Will Made It originally made the track, he had put a verse of his own on it, but he really wanted a girl to do it. And with his collaboration with Miley, "We Can't Stop" popping on the pop charts, he knew she'd make it even better. And she does. If there was one thing this year to give evidence that her status might actually be hood—aside from naming OJ Da Juiceman as her favorite rapper back in 2010—it's this.

While the beat is perfectly primed for Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J (it sounds like it could have been the lead single from Juicy's album Stay Trippy) she outshines them both, White-Girl-Mobbing atop the hip-hop wooziness. A pop starlet still making infectious songs for the radio while crossing over to urban? Best of both worlds. —Claire Lobenfeld

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