Album: I Am Not a Human Being II
Label: Young Money, Cash Money, Republic
Producer: Nikhil S. & T-Minus

By the time Lil Wayne dropped I Am Not a Human Being II in March, a lot of people had already decided that they didn't like Lil Wayne anymore. Fine. Compared to the Mixtape Weezy peak, Lil Wayne now seems tired and less inspired, but there are flashes of brilliance on his latest album, and the simple but effective "Rich As Fuck" is the brightest. With that thick bassline and 2 Chainz' show-stealing chorus to keep the song grounded, even Wayne's exhausted pussy wordplay sounds amazing. The song might not push the limits of art, but when this comes on at the right time, it's the jam, and unlike a lot of the other big hits of the year, it didn't get played out. —Jacob Moore