DJ Akademiks Says Drake Has a Strange Sleep Schedule: ‘That's What It Takes to Be Number One’

The media personality learned about the 6 God's sleep routine while he was making 'For All the Dogs.'

DJ Akademiks in a hoodie on a podcast and Drake in a black shirt and chains at a sports event
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DJ Akademiks in a hoodie on a podcast and Drake in a black shirt and chains at a sports event

Drake has been complaining about losing sleep due to news station helicopters flying over his mansion.

It was so bad following the Kendrick Lamar beef, the shooting near Drizzy's residence, and the physical altercation involving his security that he issued a missive to Toronto's CP24 via his Instagram Story, telling the news station that, "anytime after 3 pm works great for me."

But it seems that the “The Heart Part 6” rapper has always kept an odd sleep schedule.

DJ Akademiks said he recently discovered that Drake doesn’t sleep at the same time as all us regular people. The media personality sat down with the Full Send Podcast, sharing that while the 6 God was making For All the Dogs, he randomly called Ak at 6:30 a.m. one day.

DJ Akademiks reveals Drake's sleep schedule and says Drake called him while he was making the album "For All the Dogs" and asked him to apologize to SZA because she was visibly upset and bothered by things he said about her in a rant.

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"He told me his sleep schedule, which I'm like, 'That's fucked,'" Akademiks said at around the 35:00 minute mark. "Drake is like, 'Yo, I stay up all night and go to sleep at like 9 a.m. every day. Then I wake up like early afternoon, and I go do regular shit.' … I'm like, 'That's what it takes to be number one. That's some crazy shit.'"

What Drake wanted to discuss with Akademiks were some insults that he hurled at SZA sometime last year, during the making of For All the Dogs. Ak had dissed Solána on his Rumble stream, making fun of her hairline and calling her a "fat mini Lizzo." He also previously recounted Drake’s call with DJ Vlad last fall.

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“He essentially called me, saying, ‘Yo, I’m trying to cut these songs with this girl and she’s visibly upset—some of the stuff you’ve said really bothers her,’” Akademiks told Full Send. “She’s not one of those people who’s built for that type of stuff. She’s an emotional, very precious girl. And he’s like, if it’s not that serious, could you at least let her know? Because I think she really believes that this is the energy that you really feel. She’s one of those people who, in the world, it does affect her.”

Akademiks then did what Drake asked and apologized to SZA.

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