Canadian streetwear is booming. Whether it’s the rise of the region’s finest brands or moves from eBay and StockX to make themselves known in the sneaker authentication market, there’s a lot happening coast to coast. Even with the pandemic and continuous lockdowns, positive change is happening, drops have defied expectations, sneakerheads have survived, and Canadian brands continue to push forward.

As we continue to return to normality, where we can see and grab the latest pieces IRL, we wanted to bring together the best when it comes to our boutiques. Sure, you may have gotten used to ordering your shoes via apps lately, but brick-and-mortar stores are still worth hitting up—they’re where you can cop exclusive collabs and colourways without having to deal with eternal shipping times. They also serve as hubs for local sneaker communities, which are only growing across the country.

So, whether you’re on the coast or somewhere in between, buckle in for your new normal. Here are the 25 best sneaker boutiques in Canada right now.