Label: The Conglomerate Entertainment
Released: March 27

When Roc Marciano spoke with Complex earlier this year, there was one artist he was dying to talk about: Stove God Cooks. Roc Marci met Cooks through Lord Jamar and Busta Rhymes, and decided to produce the entirety of Reasonable Drought. “I knew he was a talented dude. We just had to capture it. I had some production for the brother, and I knew that if he did what he was supposed to do, we would put him right on the fast track,” Roc told Complex. And he did. Reasonable Drought is the work of a rapper who, while inspired by Roc, is far from a clone. Stove God Cooks’ phrasing, his vocabulary, and his whole aesthetic is unique and compelling, even if the subject matter and some of the musical backdrops wouldn’t sound out of place on Marcberg or Reloaded—Shawn Setaro