Label: Zero Fatigue/Interscope
Released: November 8

Smino sings and raps how weed sounds burning in a lit Backwood, or how butter sounds when it’s melting on a fresh stack of pancakes. The St. Louis artist is difficult to put in a box, and, as you can see, it’s even more difficult to explain how his music sounds. NØIR, his follow-up to 2017’s blkswn, is more of what makes Smino so special. With the help of Monte Booker handling the bulk of the production, every track is a journey into the coziest of lifestyles. Smino seems to be having more fun this go-round than on his more autobiographical debut. He’s getting comfortable in this unique pocket of sounds, carving out his own lane in a genre that can be monotonous. There’s nobody out right now who sounds like Smino, and that in itself is refreshing. —Angel Diaz