Right now, everyone in the rap world is captivated by Pusha-T and Drake’s back-and-forth. The feud, which has found its way even to outlets that wouldn’t know a rap beef from Kobe beef, has captivated fans and media, has somehow roped in Kanye West’s charity, Kim Kardashian, Whitney Houston’s family, adult film stars, and even secret children.

This whole situation was kicked off by Pusha slipping in a diss of Drake for collaborating with other songwriters on “Infrared.” It continued through Drizzy’s lightning-fast clapback, which drew Kanye West into the mix by pointing out that Drake had written songs for Yeezy. Then Pusha fired back with “The Story of Adidon,” which brought things to an entirely new level. The whole thing shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.

But the antagonism between Push-a-ton and the Cash Money camp dates back over a decade, and the conflict’s roots lie even further in the past. Below, a timeline of important moments in the Pusha-T/Drake battle.