Label: REMember Music/Warner Bros. Records
Released: August 3

Throughout his career, Mac Miller always made an effort to put his artistic range on full display, even if it veered from what we were used to. In 2013, Watching Movies With The Sound Off offered up a psychedelic-influenced sound. Then 2015’s GO:OD AM featured more singing and smoother production. In 2016, The Divine Feminine piggybacked off its predecessor, but added more live instrumentation. Each of these albums helped shape and prepare us all for Miller’s last project before he passed away, Swimming. In both subject matter and sound, Swimming is a clear sign of growth from Mac Miller, the artist and the person. The production doesn't just match the emotions being conveyed through the lyrics—it sets the tone and enhances those feelings. In 13 tracks, Miller tels us about his regrets, doubts, and even some proud moments. Every track offers up a small piece of important life advice as well. Most importantly, Swimming is an intensely personal album that still manages to be inviting. —Adrienne Black