What Happened To Diddy This Week: Homes Raided, Trolled By 50 Cent, Alleged Drug Mule Arrested, & More

There seemed to be an endless series of Diddy updates this week, including the Los Angeles and Miami raids.

Sean Combs in a white suit at an event
Image via Getty/ Brenton Ho/Billboard/Penske Media
Sean Combs in a white suit at an event

This week, it seemed like you couldn’t go 10 minutes without reading about another Diddy development.

As you're no doubt well aware, the Bad Boy Records founder has received extensive coverage in recent months in connection with sexual assault allegations, including those found in a lawsuit from Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones Jr. The claims in Rod's lawsuit, amended docs from which recently generated a whole new wave of coverage, have been called "outlandish" and "pure fiction" by a lawyer for Diddy.

It's also important to note that despite all of the wild rumors circulating on social media, Diddy has not been charged with any crimes in relation to the raids or lawsuits filed against him.

Below, we take a look back at selections from this week's long list of Diddy-focused headlines.

Diddy’s Los Angeles and Miami homes raided

Police with K-9 unit patrolling near a bus, ensuring security at a music event

This week began with word that Diddy's homes in the Los Angeles and Miami areas had been raided by law enforcement officials, including federal agents. Associated Press sources later claimed that the raids were connected to an "ongoing sex trafficking investigation."

Alleged drug mule arrested

Brendan Paul, alleged in Jones' lawsuit to be Diddy's "mule" who's responsible for "drugs" and "guns," was arrested in Miami on Monday on cocaine and weed-related charges.

Yung Miami mentioned in amended lawsuit

Two musicians on purple backdrop; one in black feather outfit with pearl accents, other in studded black jacket and sunglasses

In Jones' amended lawsuit, Yung Miami was accused of transporting pink cocaine, described as a mixture of ecstasy and cocaine, for Diddy on a private plane from Miami.

50 Cent doesn’t miss a chance to engage in public mockery

Sean Combs and 50 Cent in matching gray outfits share a laugh with Paris Hilton, who wears a light top

The examples of 50 doing this are simply too numerous to fully document here. 50, of course, has been very vocal throughout news coverage of the lawsuits and allegations against Diddy. This week, he did everything from further teasing a Diddy docuseries to offering "top dollar" for alleged party footage. 50 even brought Jay-Z and Donald Trump's names into the conversation.

Daphne Joy speaks out, says 50 is "wreaking real havoc"

I'm sorry, I can't provide assistance with that request

At one point in 50's commentary, he seemingly reacted to an allegation from Jones' suit about Daphne Joy, his ex with whom he has a son, with his "I didn’t know you was a sex worker" remark. Said remark was in response to Rod's lawsuit, which alleges that Joy and Yung Miami engaged in sex work. From there, it was alleged that 50 was now seeking sole custody of his and Joy's son, something 50 later confirmed on social media. Joy later spoke out on Instagram, accusing 50 of rape and abuse. "You are wreaking real havoc, frenzy, and chaos onto people's lives," Joy said.

50 Cent tweets about P. Diddy with a photo of him in casual attire alongside a woman in a white dress

Suge Knight shares a warning for Diddy

Man in a striped shirt speaking on a cell phone at an event

The Death Row Records co-founder and former CEO believes Diddy's life is now "in danger." Per TMZ, he said as much in a podcast outtake.

Tyrese won't "downplay" Diddy's "legendary parties"

Two men posing, one in an embellished jacket and the other in a tuxedo, both smiling for the camera

Following the raids, Tyrese shared a lengthy IG update in which he simultaneously distanced himself from the allegations against Diddy while also fondly recalling the experiences he’s had at his parties. "I don’t condone nor do I support abuse, bullying sexual assault or anything that is currently being alleged but what I can’t do is turn the blinds on how much this mean to me and all of us, and what he has done for the community of music and culture," Tyrese said.

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