This year, we learned an important lesson about giving too much credence to out-of-touch cultural authorities. The Weeknd, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, and Roddy Ricch all getting snubbed by the Grammys for their chart-topping, widely-praised albums was just the latest in a long line of reasons why we should stop seeking the opinions of decision-makers heading up archaic music institutions. There's certainly a larger conversation to be had about this and much work to be done, but here's an easy place to start: instead of letting stodgy, old white guys determine the value of today's art, let's allow the artists to do it themselves. After giving you our picks for the Best Canadian Albums and Songs of 2020, Complex Canada decided to reach out to some of the country's finest MCs—from OGs to emerging stars—to get their takes too. Here are the best albums of the year, according to 25 Canadian rappers.