Few rappers this generation can match the credentials of J. Cole. In a decade’s time, the Fayetteville, North Carolina representative has garnered critical acclaim, stacked Billboard Top 40 hits, and reached the status as a top tier act who bucks the conventional music rollouts for moments that connect directly with his fans, not to mention collecting a handful of platinum plaques with little to no help, thus inspiring one of the better rap memes the internet has to offer.

From The Come Up to Cole World: The Sideline Story to KOD, Cole has shown a maturation through his music, and based on his latest release, he hasn’t plateaued, which means the best is yet to come.

Still, with five solo albums, three mixtapes, and a handful of other various projects under his belt, the 33-year-old star has pieced together a catalog of memorable performances. These are J. Cole’s best songs.