Drake Claims Kendrick Lamar Beat His Wife on New Diss Track "Family Matters"

Drake also took more shots at Rick Ross, Future, ASAP Rocky, and The Weeknd on his latest diss song.

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After getting hit with some truly disrespectful bars on Kendrick Lamar's "euphoria" and "6:16 in LA," Drake is back with "Family Matters."

The beginning of the video for the seven-minute-long diss track shows a mini-van, likely a reference to the Dodge van on the cover of Kendrick's 2012 debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city, being crushed at what appears to be a junkyard.

Watch the video for the diss track up top in which Drizzy takes direct shots at K Dot.

On the song, Drake mentions the Compton rapper's fiancée, Whitney Alford, rapping:

Kendrick Lamar in a black shirt and pants with a guest in a lace-detailed black dress at the Grammys

You the black messiah wifing up a mixed queen
And hit vanilla cream to help out with your self-esteem
On some Bobby shit I wanna know what Whitney need
All that puppy love was over in y'all late teens
Why you never hold your son and tell him, 'Say cheese'?
We coulda left the kids outta this, don't blame me
You a dog and you know it, you just play sweet
Your baby mama captions always screamin, "save me"

At the end of the track, Drake raps:

They hired a crisis management team to clean up the fact that you beat on your queen
The picture you painted ain't what it seem, you're dead

Besides Kendrick, Drizzy's diss record includes bars aimed at ASAP Rocky, who previously targeted Drake on the songs "Show of Hands." Drake used Rocky's government name, Rakim Mayers, and alluded to hooking up with Rihanna when Rocky allegedly hooked up with Drake's baby mother rapping:

Rakim talkin' shit again
Gassed cause you hit my BM first, n***a, do the math, who I was hittin' then?
I ain't even know you rapped still 'cause they only talkin' bout your 'fit again
Probably gotta have a kid again 'fore you think of droppin' any shit again

Just like on "Push Ups," Drake took plenty of shots at The Weeknd, this time calling him a drug addict:

Weeknd music gettin' played in all the spots where boys got a little more pride
That's why all your friends dipping to Atlanta, payin' to just find a tour guide
Abel run your fucking bread, need to buy some more chains for some more guys
Lemme find another street n***a I can take to the game courtside
Let me get a used Ferrari for a rapper, take the n***a on a horse ride
Anything to take the spotlight off the fact the boss is a drugged-out little punk sissy from the northside

Rocky, The Weeknd, and Kendrick aren't the only people Drake responded to. He also had choice words for Future and Metro Boomin, as he dismissed their recent albums:

Pluto shit make me sick to my stomach, we ain't never really been through it
Leland Wayne, he a fucking lame, so I know he had to be an influence
These n***as had a plan and they finally found a way to rope their way into it
Two seperate albums dissin', I just did a Kim to it, n***a, skim through it

Drake also took time to respond to former collaborator Rick Ross, who has relentlessly trolled Drake on social media and on the song "Champagne Moments," by rapping:

What the fuck I heard Rick drop, n***a? Talkin' something 'bout a nose job, n***a
Ozempic got a side effect of jealousy and doctors never told y'all n***as
Put a n***a in the bars, let a n***a rot, kind of like your old job, n***a

Mere hours after "Euphoria" arrived on the last day of April, Drake's fellow Young Money alum Nicki Minaj brought him out as a special guest at her Pink Friday 2 World Tour show at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. At one point in the evening, Drake hinted he was about to get to work on his Kendrick response, telling the crowd, "You know what time it is, you know what I gotta do."

Speculation was expectedly high ahead of the new track's release, with fans and fellow artists alike debating who currently had the upper hand in the "Like That"-kickstarted rap war. Cam'ron and Mase both said that Drake was "winning" the back-and-forth after the "Euphoria" rollout, though the It Is What It Is co-hosts also had kind words for Kendrick's lyricism. With "6:16 in LA" arriving mere days later, that conversation ramped up considerably.

In April, prior to the latest pair of diss tracks, Complex's Jordan Rose ranked the then-current batch of 2024 rap war entries, including Rick Ross' "Champagne Moments" and Ye's "Like That" remix. The latter, memorably, saw Ye proposing that one should put on J. Cole's music to "get the pussy dry."

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