Album: Days Are Gone 
Label: Polydor
Producer: Ariel Rechtshaid, Danielle Haim, Este Haim, & Alana Haim

In the past few years, the influence of electronica and hip-hop on rock and pop music has been heavy. It's been cool to hear all the new and interesting ways genres can work together, but sometimes it has been at the expense of the timeless nature of classic rock elements and live instrumentation. Then three sisters from Los Angeles came onto the scene. They all sing, they all play instruments, and they write catchy, chorus-centric pop music that sounds like what Fleetwood Mac might have made if they had started a few decades later.

Haim's debut album Days Are Gone is full of hits, but "The Wire" is still a standout—a lively, pitch-perfect amalgamation of all the things that make Haim such a welcome addition to the current soundscape. The only thing that tops hearing this one on the album is seeing it performed live. —Jacob Moore