Played By: Paul Shenar
Movie: Scarface (1983)

If there's one lesson to be learned from Brian De Palma's Scarface, it's this: You don't fuck with Alejandro Sosa. The first evidence comes when Tony Montana (Al Pacino), the then-aspiring crime-boss-in-the-making, witnesses cocaine overlord Sosa dispatch an undercover police informant in the most exaggerated of ways: Sosa's men beat the rat half to death before pushing him out of a helicopter.

You'd think that would've enlightened Tony, but no. Along with Sosa's top goon, Alberto (Mark Margolis), Tony is in the heat of an assassination attempt—one ordered by Sosa—when he stops the mission after noticing that their target is with his family. Alberto isn't having it, so, naturally, Tony kills him.

Sosa isn't pleased. As retaliation, he sends a small army of gunmen to Tony's mansion, signaling Scarface's grandiose, blood-soaked, "Say hello to my little friend!" finale. Once he's finally dead, Tony's body floats in a fountain next to a statue that reads, "The World is Yours." Clearly, though, it is, and forever will be, Sosa's domain. —MB