What Amazon is to shopping and social media is to information, Netflix is to entertainment: disruptive and dominant. After their red envelopes weakened titans like Blockbuster, their omnipresent streaming service made movie rental stores a thing of the past. Now, with the advent of original programming, they threaten to topple the longtime entertainment pillars of movie theaters and network television.

The revolution has been gradual, but definite. And now, if you want to watch something, but don’t know what, Netflix is your cheapest and best bet for some browsing. But their ever-rotating and functionally endless supply of options can render viewers like a stoner in the snack food aisle: paralyzed by choice.

And so, Complex has taken on the arduous task of keeping a current list of 100 exceedingly watchable films offered by the large red entertainment conglomerate. They span the spectrum from old classics to crunchy action movies to prestige pictures to engrossing documentaries to raw indies to goofy comedies to transportive foreign films. If you’re an omnivorous consumer of film, this is the comprehensive breakdown you’ve been looking for.

Every serious movie-watcher knows the feeling of being at the mercy of a film that slowly reveals itself to be a dud. Well rest assured, nothing on this list will make you feel that way as Complex has developed a practically foolproof selection process. It goes like this: if we like a movie, it goes on the list. If we don’t, it doesn’t. Simple as that. No duds. No flops. No filler. Just movies that are killer.

So whether you’re looking for something new, a familiar favorite or some background noise while you chill with a romantic prospect, just know that these are the best movies that history’s most convenient and comprehensive streaming service has to offer.

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