Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime: Amazon is often the last streaming service people have because, well, who has the money? Those extra dollars are worth it, though: the streaming platform has some great movies, from classics to recent hits. Since getting into film distribution in 2015, with the acquisition of Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq, Amazon has released 37 original titles, many to critical acclaim. Plus, being an Amazon Prime member even gives you access to certain upcoming movies.

Amazon also has a pretty sizable library of titles, beyond its original movies. Its horror selection features plenty of old and new selections, and is one of the best of any streaming service. Its selection of holiday movies is also very impressive, which is perfect for the colder months of the year. If nothing else, Amazon has cornered the market for “movies you’ll put on so your family will stop annoying you during the holidays,”, and that may just be worth the monthly fee.

Amazon also has a large selection of critically acclaimed television that’s critically acclaimed, but who has time for ten-episode seasons of hour-long episodes? Movies are shorter, sweeter, and take up way less of your time, and Amazon has a pretty great selection. In the past few years, Amazon has won the bidding rights to some of the most acclaimed movies, and it shows in their library. So work out your finances (or maybe just take advantage of a free trial) and start streaming. These are the best movies available on Amazon Prime.