If Netflix is Mario, then Hulu is Luigi. The streaming service may not have the bottomless pockets or pop culture permeance of its rival, but you get the television shows you love quicker, plus some of the films that, for whatever reason, don’t land among the red behemoth's near-infinite scrolling selection. Often, if something leaves Netflix, there’s a decent chance it will pop up on Hulu.

The knock on them is that they’ll hit you with advertisements if you’re on their basic program, a seeming betrayal to the uninterrupted goodness that we’ve come to expect from our streaming platforms (especially if you dabbled in some unlicensed territory).

But Hulu learned from its network, cable and premium TV partners like ABC, Esquire and Showtime. Audiences hating the game doesn’t mean they’ll stop watching the player. And they’ve certainly established some cred with winning series like The Mindy Project, Transparent and The Handmaid’s Tale that compare favorably to some of the original programming put out by any of the other online entertainment folks.

But I digress. This list is about movies. And movies don’t come with commercials, even on Hulu. And while Netflix may outdo Hulu in the quantity of their title selection, Hulu certainly holds its own in terms of quality, featuring everything from Oscar-baiting films, campy comedy classics, popcorn action flicks and directorial opuses that paved the way for things to come.

So whether you’ve grown weary of Netflix’s selection or you’re an iconoclastic streamer who wants to better know your service of choice, here’s some curated picks to throw on whenever you want to Hulu and chill.