Last Updated: June 20, 2019

It’s sad, but true: Hulu just doesn’t have the same clout as Netflix. But times are changing, and Hulu’s put up a battle in recent months, even directly competing with Netflix when it comes to prices. The two platforms have also managed to occupy the same pop culture space this year, with their documentaries about Fyre Fest. And while Netflix is often lauded for its selection of TV shows, Hulu has its own equally impressive library, from award-winning comedy and drama content to guilty pleasure reality TV.

Movies-wise, Hulu even came for for Netflix’s Oscars glory with its original film Minding The Gap, nominated for Best Documentary Feature at this year’s Academy Awards. Beyond the streaming service's original content, Hulu also has some older, more classic titles that Netflix lacks, alongside some of the best movies of last year, like Annihilation and Sorry To Bother You. Plus, neither one has Game of Thrones, so as far as we can see, the playing field is pretty even.

From horror movies to sci-fi to comedy to drama, here are the best movies currently streaming on Hulu.